Hi, I’m Tom Prior, a software developer based in Ireland. I love geeking out with software development but I also value open communication with my team-mates, business stake-holders and end users.

I’ve coded in many languages using many different technologies over my career so far. Java was the main one for a good few years until I fell in love with functional programming about 4 years ago and, from there, explored many other languages including Scala, Clojure, Haskell and F#. I used F# professionally for about 18 months. Nowadays I am back to JVM based development mainly using modern Java (Java 11 and up), Kotlin and some Scala. Nowadays, I still love functional programming but I also love to code using a multi-paradigm approach. I believe object oriented and functional programming both have their benefits and complement each other well.

I’ve worked with different architectures from monoliths to, presently, micro-services and across the whole stack and also using distributed computation platforms such as Apache Spark.

I love developing, deploying and monitoring software engineering solutions that solve problems to provide value for people.

Presently I’m working in a micro-services environment using technologies such as Java 11, Kotlin, Spring Cloud and Pivotal Cloud Foundry. 


My Github repositories can be found here: https://github.com/priort where I have code ranging from coding challenge solutions to games and bigger projects.


For new blog Post updates follow @tompriordev