I am not passionate about software development, I promise

I was stopped dead in my tracks this morning. Without thinking, I had put on Radiohead’s “OK Computer” while working. It’s an album I know so well that it sits comfortably in the background . It gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling but without distracting me from my work. I didn’t realise that I had put on the 20th anniversary edition that was released in 2017. It includes a song called “I Promise”. It is incredibly beautiful both melodically and lyrically. I had to stop working for a little bit because I was so overcome listening to it that I started to cry. It made me think of Charlotte, Myles, Hannah and Eleanor – my amazing children and wife – and how I would literally do anything for them including dying for them if I had to. I am completely passionate about them.

As I have described in previous blog posts, I love software development. It fascinates me and I love working on great teams building great products for people. Would I ever be reduced to tears when thinking about this? Probably not. I am not passionate about this.

“Passion” is a word that is bandied about our industry a lot. I even see it on job specs! Companies look for people who are “passionate” about software development. This is actually a pre-requisite to getting a job at some places! Listening to “I Promise” by Radiohead today and feeling the emotions that it invoked reinforced how passionate I am about my family. How I feel about software development will never come close to this.

Please. You don’t need to hire people who are “passionate” about software development. If they are, good for them! It baffles me how it can be a pre-requisite to employing someone though.

I’ll leave you with the youtube video of “I Promise” by Radiohead. Enjoy! 🙂

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